Math Corps Summer Camp 2024

Math Corps Summer Camp IS BACK!
Camp this year will run from July 15th to August 9th.

Middle school students click here to apply as campers.

High school students click here to apply as Teaching Assistants (TA)

Summer 2023 was a success! Here are our pre and post test results:

7th graders improved from 23% to 70.5%.

8th graders improved from 46% to 62.5%.

and 9th graders improved from 19% to 36%.

Check out some of our best moments from Summer 2023 here!

Super Saturdays 2024!

The Math Corps Super Saturdays recently wrapped up but will return in 2025!

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the Math Corps is to empower and inspire children from under-served communities through the teaching of mathematics and the fostering of self-worth, strong values and a sense of family to build good lives for themselves and a more just society for all.

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  • About Math Corps

    The Math Corps Cleveland is a combined academic enrichment and mentoring program that brings middle and high school students from the greater Cleveland area together, with college students, to learn mathematics from each other, as well as to interact with professional mathematicians in a university setting. We are a branch of the Wayne State University Math Corps, seeking to replicate the tremendous successes of the model they have developed over the course of 20+ years.

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  • Student Testimonials

    "What I like most about this program is that you really have people that care about you. My thoughts of Math Corps are that you have people that really care about you and your education and your future."

    -7th Grader

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